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Loot xml not work at all


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Hello everyone!


I tried to add my modded items to the lootlist like this:


<append xpath="loot">


<lootcontainer id="17" count="1,2"... >

<item name="Desert Eagle" prob="0.08">






This didn't work at all, I tried everything, and nothing works. But when I wrote the desert eagle to the original loot file the gun acually appeared in the toiled with the count of 2. Please help with this!

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A couple of issues, if you copied directly there is a typo "condigs"

Also if you append like this, you are adding a new loot container with id 17, which already exits.

I am on my phone so I cant copy code, but you need to either append the entry directly, or setattribute to change a value.

Someone at their pc might be able to paste code...

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