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My apreciation for the A18.3 patch pimps


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Hey pimps,

happy new year!

A18.3 is everything ive been wanting since after A18 landed.

These QoL improvements and optimizations are EXACTLY the work id most like to see done on this game. 100% best patch since A18 first dropped.


Many stability bugs were improved/fixed, GFX settings are now properly affecting peoples crashing due to low specs, few mechanic bugs to speak of in terms of forges deleting bases and such, fewer crashes in general, faster loading times, MORE POis!!!!!!!!!

Literally, everything ive wanted to see you guys fixing since A18 droped.


My thanks.

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I think the most important feature of A18.3 is not just the fps performance, but also the fact the game now spawns zombies around me correctly. I made a new game in the wasteland biome and I've noticed zombies respawn around me daily. I'm constantly under pressure and the game actually feels like A16.

The devs probably fixed the game so that it despawns zombies away from you and respawns them correctly in their respective biomes. Only when it gets official will we see if multiplayer got improved as well.

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