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Outward Game

Laz Man

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So I saw Roland mention this coop game called Outward the other day. I got curious and looked it up. Was on steam winter sale so I bought a couple of copies.


Alot of survival aspects to it (e.g. food spoilage, crafting, hunger/thrist/sleep) which seem like a nice touch. Ived play the tutorial and it seems interesting so far. Reviews I've read state it's open world with not much hand holding which appeals to me.


Look it up and let me know what you think! 😎👍

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Causing problems in other games as well I see...😂😂😂



Edit: I know you said you weren't that interested but you might want to take another look. There is no levels or XP or leveling that I can see aside from some type of limited skill system. It may appeal to your sensibilities. 😎👍



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