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Questions Re: sound and animation


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Questions regarding Sound and animation.

I had asked a question once before about the Vulture animation.

Your answer simplified it for me.


Is it possible to add a simple land sequence and allow them to peck

downward like the diggers do? Prerequisite: player position -Y to

vulture, player visible via ray trace, player unreachable. If all are

true then it lands and uses the chicken walk ID.

Pecks at the bars from above.


Same as zombies digging down, once through flies and attacks.

Bonus dmg to wood, and glass. Bonus for multiple entities same as bi and

quadripeds. The sound would be alert to the player pointing to attack

from above.


From vertical a pecking animation could allow the attack of

windows and vertical bars. Sort of a Hitchcock feel. Ref: The Birds.

Or since they auto attack vehicles set glass blocks and bars as entities

in the attack setting entityclasses.xml. If they follow similar parameters

as zombies, they would flock and attack weakest points.


When a Zombie kills an animal can the animation used when player is killed

be added. After carcass is destroyed have it downgrade to a goreblock?


What is the tag used to allow sounds on gravel or dirt, I ask because there

are no zombie footsteps inside a poi, but there are footsteps on the outside

of poi.


Coyotes, Wolves, Mountain Cats are primarily pack hunters. Can the same audio

mechanic used for the Screamer be added to them. If they are hurt but not killed

within a specific period. They Alpha call and bring a Pack, (mechanic: the challenges)

have them come from all directions. Visual: Velociraptor attack pattern.


Other topic question: Regarding player weapons and tools. When added to carry inventory

can a temporary numeric Id be assigned to them. Example if have 2 wooden spears, the first

would be 01 the second 02 etc for all tools and weapons. If you place them in your belt,

use them and retrieve they would return to respective slots. Presently only one will

return there the other goes to backpack.

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