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Bicycle Handlebars question


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Hi this maybe a silly question and i may have corrupt game even though i verified the gamefiles after downgrading from experimental to A18 b12 stable.


I purchase the greasemonkey perk and i cant make bicycle handlebars, it just has a perk label and you click on it and it opens up the perk window.


Am i missing something or is the game missing the perk unlock somehow ?


Can someone confirm the handlebars are available please so i can try work out what has happened.



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Check the icon next to the words "Bicycle Handlebars" on the right


This can't be crafted by hand, you'll need a workbench, and you'll need to be inside a workbench.


Easily overlooked; once you have the ingredients, search for the handlebars after entering the workbench and it should let you craft it. Searching a recipe without being inside a workbench/mixer/forge sometimes will not let you craft it by hand (unless it was modded)


This mechanic did change recently, it used to say something like "You need to be at a workbench".

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