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Crashed a Gyrocopter...and got a Dupe!?


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I am completely unsure of the circumstances that caused this, but I just duplicated a Gyrocopter. I was attempting a rooftop landing and crashed pretty hard and bailed off before going over the edge to force it to come to a stop on spot. It promptly disappeared and had me panicked. I logged out for a break, since I was pretty farm from home and when I came back the gyrocopter was back on the roof where I bailed. Picked it up and made my way leaping down the tower with my mad parkour and larcenous skills. Did some exploring filled up my inventory and replaced the gyrocopter and took off for home. When I got home a second gyrocopter was sitting exactly where I had placed mine when I took off and flew halfway across the map. What in the world just happened?

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