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No idea what this means :


"We don't allow necroposting, because it trips people up to see a thread from so long ago back at the top of the list, and the outdated discussion therein (like anticipation of Alpha 2). You can start a new thread with a link to this one if you like."


What on earth is necroposting? Is it posting whilst I'm having sex with a dead person? Please elucidate......Whatever it is it "trips people up to see a thread from so long ago".


In other words it makes people aware that this game has been in ALPHA for 6 years now.


Does it "trip people up" i.e. "waken people up" to the fact that whilst some changes are good / amazing nevertheless the reality is that MM has been pissing the money down the toilet whilst he has no direction. Myself I offered my services free of charge over TWO YEARS ago as a development PM FOR FREE to try and get a common vision and set of targets, normal daily rate - £1200.


Didn't even get a reply....


Proof : So many threads expressing concern over the direction of the game.


MM wakes up, decides on a whim what to do, then goes back to sleep.


There is NO goal, no defined set of deliverables, it's all a big playground, meanwhile the money is spent, the community reviews are atrocious. The reason I posted a thread from a long time ago was purely to illustrate the ludicrous situation of someone saying SIX YEARS AGO to "take your time and get it right", yet here we are all this time later and it's NOT EVEN INTO BETA.


If this is "Necroposting" then I'm guilty as charged.

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The prefix Necro- means 'of death or the dead.' A necropost is posting in a long-dead thread, usually three months or older since the last post, and it's confusing because the issues, arguments, and discussions raised in the thread either no longer make any kind of sense in the present or got addressed or dismissed long ago.

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