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Server wont finish initializing


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I've been trying to get a dedicated server up and running for a few days now.


So far I've tried on 3 seperate machines with the same results.


At first I was trying to generate 16k maps which would take an absurd amount of time and would crash half way through which I expected.


I've since then been trying to generate 8k maps and I'm able to sucessfully get through everything. However, when I go to join it kicks me and says server is still initializing.


Here are the logs:


Home PC



Dedicated server



As for the third, it was a free trial on arkservers.


Could anyone advise?

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Hey - thanks for the quick reply. On the dedicated server it would crash halfway through, until i downsized to 8k. Do I have a saved file I need to remove? As for the PC, it was a fresh install


- - - Updated - - -


If this helps at all, on the dedicated host I followed https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki to download the dedicated server.


I also completely uninstalled/reinstalled on my PC and ran into the same issue. I ensured all server files were gone.

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After posting the above, I proceeded with a new instance and it booted sucessfully. I was able to get in for a while, however after restarting the game client I'm getting the same message: "Index was outside the bound of the array"

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According to the log your generated world on the server is put in /home/sdtd/serverdata (if it isn't one of the pregenerated) and your savegame is put into /home/sdtd/instances/Server1


Before generating a new world I would make sure that both of those dirs are empty (delete it or move the contents to backup).


And always use a new GameName in serverconfig.xml, as this name is also used as a subdirectory name in finding cached data on the client (can't look it up now, so only 80% sure of this). A new name means there is no danger of loading old (cache) data.


Locally all your data is in C:\Users\R & G\AppData\Roaming/7DaysToDie, but this includes game data of local games and of other servers. At least for testing you could move the complete dir to a different location before logging in to the server (and later moving back all the data you still need).

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