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Game keeps crashing and freezing my PC


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So the game keeps crashing and freezing my PC, causing me to physically power down my computer.


The game crashes around 1 or 2 minutes after joining a multiplayer server that is NOT modded.


This issue started around a month ago and I fixed it by installing more RAM (8gb -> 16gb) and switching renderer to CoreGL.


It worked for a few weeks but unfortunately it came back.


Here's what I've tried so far:


  • Validated files through Steam
  • Switched the renderer back to DirectX 11
  • Used Unity code to force DirectX 10
  • Adjusted virtual memory paging size
  • Updated graphics card drivers


Nothing worked.


It's so weird, I was playing just fine today for hours but it just randomly hit again.


Here's my log: (it looks incomplete for some reason)



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Don't use OpenGL Rendering. The GPU is old, but should still support DirectX fully. You will want to disable texture streaming though.


That log is incomplete. It's barely loading the game before it stops.


Clear your locally stored server data. You'll have to download the maps again, but it will at least remove that variable.


You shouldn't mess around with the pagefile settings. Especially with Win10.

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Thanks for the help.


Clearing out the locally stored server data: That's one item I forgot to add, but did. I at least deleted the main data file (not sure if there's more to do).


I'll try to get a complete log. That's the first time I've seen it do that.


Looks like I'll switch the rendering back and figure out how to disable texture streaming.


Thanks for the help and I'll update this post with my findings.

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UPDATE: it appears the problem is fixed.


Here's what I did:


I changed the anistropic filtering to "application settings override" in my Graphics Card settings.


I reverted a few things like changing my rendering back to Direct X11 and my pagefile settings.


I also deleted the main data file from the MP server I was playing on. I even deleted the serveradmin.xml too.


Then I turned off "Texture Streaming" in 7DTD video settings. (I think this one fixed it, but I'm just guessing)


Hopefully this info helps someone else though. Thanks for the help again!

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