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Why did they remove the fov command?


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Was the command changed or something? sg optionsfieldofviewnew # no longer sets your fov and you’re now forced to use the slider in the menu for a max fov of only 85, I play on 120, which is what almost every other modern game allows you to manually slide, why is it so low here? Does anyone know the new command if there is one. This is frustrating.

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1. Optimization


2. This isn't an FPS game.


3. Other "modern" games aren't Voxel games.



Loading the voxels impacts performance. So they add occlusion to benefit performance. Then they lock down the slider for stable testing of performance, because having a larger FoV will have a negative impact on performance.

You forget this is a game still being developed?


Also this isn't a bug report.

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