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How can I make the game Hard and Realistic as fu**?


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I want to make 7d2d more Realistic (with Mods)...

For me is Important that Headshot = Kill but this make the game much easier.


Do you have any tips to make it sophisticated and realistic?


My Idea is:

Ravenheart + Headshoot is Kill Mod. What do you think?


Thank you :)


EDIT: Maybe you can tell me your Game Setting Idea too :) I want to make the game is like THE WALKING DEAD

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Headshot is kill sounds interesting, maybe limit it so stone based weapons still do damage as normal to the head?


I'm no ballistics expert but I imagine a stone axe, spear or arrow striking the head might not be fatal in one hit. Same goes for clubs, maybe it has to be one power attack to the head.


To wind up the difficulty you're going to need either more zombies and either they rage 100% of the time or set them to always run. It will be easy to line up that first hit but if you don't kill them they're going to come at you fast.

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