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How to use the 'in-game' Fill command??


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I'm posting this because everything that comes up when I try the search function has nothing to do with what I'm asking it.


I'm trying to find out how to correctly use the select and fill options to flatten large areas to test builds in. I can select an area easy enough, but nothing happens when I try to manipulate what I have selected.

I've seen it done many times in YouTube vids, but every time I ask how to do it they all say: "Just select an area and delete it, it's that simple."


It's really not that simple when every time I try to do it, it only removes the blue selection box itself, but not the terrain I have selected...no matter what other commands I try that are listed in the options menu. (Fill, delete etc.)


I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get a straight answer anywhere. For the last month or so I've been stuck having to manually delete blocks one line and layer at a time with the Dev Digger Tool.

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That might have been it. Been watching JaWoodle on YT for build ideas and seen him select and delete terrain areas to make them flat for building, and he never typed anything in or used the prefab dialog box to do it, but he could have just been in the world editor and not survival.


As I have never used W.E. I always assumed that it was blank like the prefab editor, so that you could add and change whatever you wanted...yet JaWoodle's 'Build Park' looked like it had towns in it that weren't built by him.


The Dev tool items DO work in survival. @Telric Not sure if that was what you meant by 'Tools'.


And for context, JaWoodle is the main one that has only explained it as "Just select an area and delete it, it's that simple."


Honestly I'm getting frustrated about the whole thing, and getting ready to just cheat the Dev tools in on my play world, just because it takes too long to keep switching between game saves.

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