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I would like to add an advanced dump feature to chest : all items in my inventory that also exist in the chest would be transferred to the chest.


1) UI

When I press or "e" or "f" on some items (chest in the world, wood frame in my hand), some circular menus appear. Where are they defined (xml or dll ?) ? What would it take to modify them (to add the advanced dump in the menu) ?


2) Callback

I can see how to interact with the stacks in player's inventory/bag (in 0-SphereIICore\Scripts\Items\ItemsUtilities.cs of Speherii mods), but

- How can I interact with the content of a chest ?

- Do I need to decrement player / increment chest, and manage stacks limits ? Or is there a move_to_chest function that can do it for me ?


If 1) is difficult, how can a player trigger the dump callback on a chest ?


Thank you in advance !

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