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The "NoCrafting" mod, by 12pack


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https://github.com/x12pack/Mods (hope i did that right)


I made this into a mod after watching a couple of fellas on youtube do no crafting plays,

and thought it would be cool to have an actual mod to eliminate the temptation to just

craft anyway...


This mod removes the crafting recipes from the in-game menu.

It includes a shortened starting quest, which has been modified to work with the 'no crafting' theme.

It also includes a loot distinction table to allow you to still be able to get certain items from certain Zs.

The drops are kinda what you would expect from the different characters.

They are:


Eddie - the soldier - military items

Sylvia - the nurse - medical items

Bob - the construction guy - tools, repair kits, wood and flagstone blocks, and wood bars (probably will change those to the working stiffs crate)

Lab - the lab tech - from the lab equipment group

Festus - the old timer - ores and maps, picks and shovels

the Hazmat guy - yep, hazmat suits

the Farmer - seeds, crops

the Suit - business guy - cash and dukes, suit pieces


They all drop other random items, and the rest of the Zs drop normal stuff. I do mean to add in the cop and the biker to this list.


I am doing a play-through with this now, and am still tinkering with some settings, but it is working out quite well!

There are a couple of things in there, noted in the readme file, that some may want to remove. (namely progression, and the blinding of the vultures)


Thanks to Sphereii for the xpath thread, which helped tons learning how to create this.

Also, to mention, I looked at RedEagle's shortened starting quest to get the right syntax for mine, as I was having some trouble getting it to work right.


I hope someone enjoys Not Crafting!



--added flagstone blocks, wood bars, and the wood hatch to working stiffs crates

-cut the number of these dropped by Bob in half

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tried to name it like 00 to load first and zzz to load last both did not help.


did you try loading it without changing the name?

i have used it on my server, but not with any other mods in there, and it worked as intended.. but i didn't change the name

i'm not sure how that goes with load order..


maybe, (and just maybe.. i'm not a PRO a this..) the file <ModInfo> <Name value="NoCrafting" /> should match whatever you

change the directory name to?

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