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Ammo left indicator on Junk Turrets (and traps?)


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Don't know for powered traps, but 100% on junk turrets a bar with ammo left can help to get a vague idea of how long it can keep on shooting.


Even a custom 3d model with 5 leds that shuts down (20% - 40% - 60% etc.) could be cool, like the old Fallout action points bar :D

In the end Junk Turret is just a like a companion, you use and look at it a lot.. i think that any improvement in a "core" item like that adds a lot to the game. (just imho)


Refilling turrets, in particular if you put down many, is a common thing to do.

Sometimes you don't remember which one shooted most (in particular cause the active turrets auto-swaps many times) and you have to pick them up a lot of times.. freeing slots etc.. etc..




Even a GREEN 100% > YELLOW 50% > RED 0% (ammo) led on the top of the turret can be just FANTASTIC (less is more)

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