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My game is forever stuck on "Loading Game Data" (Modding involved)


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I bought the game last week after years of not having it on Steam and played a good 22 hours of it. Yesterday, I decided to download a couple of mods: Bdubs car pack from nexus, and the bandit mod from here on the forums, and DMT - needed by the bandit mod - to compile them. Besides those, I did nothing to change the game in any way possible.


I spent some hours trying to compile the mods without errors (and without finding solutions online), which I only managed to do after I deleted "Localization.txt" from Bdub's car pack and compiled the mods one by one (Xyth NPC/Trader/Bandits and Car Pack). I don't know if it was that the reason, but my game is beyond broken now. If I run the game through DMT (which is without EAC) the game will give me that error. If I run it through Steam, I have to disable EAC in the launcher, otherwise it will give me a black screen with only the cursor on it.


Things I tried:


-Reinstalling Steam

-Reinstalling 7DTD

-Cleaning game data through the launcher

-Tried running without mods (even DMT)

-Completely removing "Mods" folder from 7DTD root

-Looked for 32 bit version for testing, but found none


I'm really hooked to the game, especially after I was finally able to buy it after all these years, so I would really appreciate if someone can help me fix this, and hopefully, play with those two mods on.


PS: I couldn't attach logs because of the forum limit.

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Your client is spamming errors from the moment it hits the main screen. It doesn't even get to where it's posting the hardware information before the errors begin.


Most definitely looks like either corrupted client files, or a dll used by the mod is completely borked.

I do also question whether an R7 360 Series GPU is capable of playing a17/18, but I'm not real honed on ATI GPU specs.


Delete the client folder, and delete all the locally cached data, and try again Vanilla.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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