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Animals Spawns!

Adam the Waster

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is it kinda odd that 2 of the animals that spawn in the snow and desert can also live in almost any environment??? or is it just me?




let me explain: im mostly talking about Coyotes and mountain lions , these two animals can live in almost any climate. and to me it would make sense for the game for challenge reasons,


like the forest could be the melting pot of animal wildlife , with nearly every animal living there. Deer , rabbits , chickens , boar , mountain lions , snakes , wolves (dire and normal) , coyotes and bears!.


snow is also the same but without the chickens


burnt forest could have Deer , mountain lions , snakes , bears , wolves , coyotes , zombie dogs vultures and bears!


Desert could have, chickens , rabbits , boars , snakes , vultures , coyotes and mountain lions


Wastelands would just be a "Dog eat dog" world. with bears , vultures , snakes , wolfs , coyotes, wolves , mountain lions , zombie dogs and bears!




but thats my opinion on that. if you got anything about it or animals this is the place!

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No camels?


no..... no camels


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Adam, ever thought about modding? Looks like the domain for you. If you haven't used mods yet, try them out ;)




i idk how too download them and im very careful about downloading stuff. i i knew how to do it i would but i don't.


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Or boarbears or coywolfs?


big pigs

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