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What is Towers?

A fantasy world building game. The core experience is focused on building an ecosystem and town (towers). Keeping the balance between nature and civilization is crucial.


What makes Towers unique?

1. Many survival games out there focus on hoarding and dominance. For Towers, we would like to encourage growing and sharing between players.

2. Games like Rust have an arbitrary server reset every few weeks of gameplay. Towers will have a win and lose condition that will play out in a similar timeline.

3. Trading! If you watch the trailer, you can see the various caravans shots. Trading between players will be crucial to win/reset the server. Players are limited to the resources > abundant in the area near where they build their base. This will encourage them to trade with each other (wooden bases trading with ore bases, etc).


What platform will Towers be on?

PC at first and hopefully consoles soon after. Though the details still fall under TBA


At what stage of development is Towers?

It is still in the prototype phase so the full game is not going to be playable anytime soon. We are planning to have closed beta parallel to the development though, so we'll > certainly keep this discord in mind when looking for participants. Even though the game release is quite distant, we hope to develop the core mechanics in the closed beta taking in > your inputs and feedback.


How many team members created that prototype video?

6 core members in 12 months. It’s actually 5 members but we combined all the various contractors that helped here and there as 1 accumulated person.


What engine Towers run on?

UE4. It’s a beast.


What are the main inspirations for Towers visual?

Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, ancient tribal cultures (African, Mayan, Asian)


What are the main inspirations for Towers gameplay ?

Minecraft, Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Don’t Starve Together, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Bloodborne, Kingdoms New Land and many others!


Why the name Towers?

It’s just a placeholder for our prototype. The idea is players must find a balance between base building (Towers ) and maintaining the ecosystem (Growing Tree Towers). Do you > sacrifice your towering trees to build your tallest towers? Or vice versa?


Who are you guys?

We are the same core crew that made Hawken -

Hawken was originally meant to be an XBLA, Steam game but there > was pressure to change it to F2P. Looking back, it would have been a much better premium game than the F2P version. We hope not to make the same mistake this time around > with Towers. We apologize to the Hawken fans for the PS4 version. We didn’t have anything to do with it. Our studio closed in 2013 and the PS4 version was made by another > studio.


Is the trailer just fake cinematic stuff?

No, the whole trailer was captured in a “spectator mode". Which means that 90% of what you see in the trailer is network replicated gameplay. All the players in there are us (the > devs) running, climbing, shooting, etc. Creatures are AI driven with flock behavior, stampede, flee, hunt and various other behaviors


How many players can be on the server at a given time?

Since Towers fidelity will be quite high, we can only support around 15-25 players. Depending on how well we can optimize the game we may be able to increase the number of

players. We hope to deliver a smooth and low lag experience.


Are the servers dedicated or peer2peer?

Probably a combination of both. We want players to enjoy hosting their own private servers with friends or play solo if they prefer.


Are there NPCs and quests?

Yes, we will have many strange and unique quests that will unravel the lore in our mysterious land. The quests are given by building up relationships with the inhabitants. >The Forest God, or the Giant Eyes will give you creative quests and rewards. We plan to reveal many more NPCs over the next few months


What is the Ecosystem gameplay like?

Imagine when you first arrive on a fresh server. A new land. It’ll be pretty barren and there won’t be much life. You must start planting certain shrubs and grass. This will then > attract certain small critters. Over time, these critters will help grow larger trees. Which will attract even larger creatures. Eventually players can grow massive Towering Trees

that will take much care and effort to grow to their full size. These Towering Trees will then attract the largest beasts of the land. Players can climb on these massive trees and > grow even more rare fauna on them. These fauna will then attract rarer critters and creatures. Every plant or creature will have their own unique likes and dislikes. Players must

learn these things over time in order to create a balanced biome. It’s about knowledge and caring for these living things. Though over harvesting and hunting to build your base > Towers can quickly deplete and destroy a biome. Towers is a game about the balance between Player Towers and T



Who is the composer of Tower's Prototype trailer?

Michael Reola : http://www.michaelreola.com/






When will towers be released?


The is no set date for release!

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