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Question about respawning loot in A 18


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Hi there,


Hated A17, loving A18 - in short my favourite game is back!


But a question about respawning loot -


If "loot containers" e.g. cars, garbage bags etc are destroyed then does that mean they don't respawn? Do I have to leave the container intact for loot to respawn?


PS am I the only person that hates rage mode and has added a mod to remove it?



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There's another trick too with loot respawn:


loot respawn has a tricky trigger. It measures days from the last time that chunk was updated. If you walk past loot containers often, they'll never refill with loot. You can get around this by "seeding" the container. an opened container that has any item(s) in it will not reset it's countdown. You will need to manually keep track of the time, and when the loot respawn timer is done, removing the items in it will make it an "untouched" container again. For example:

- -a)loot respawn is 15 days. Day 3, you loot a bookstore. You empty the whole place out, leaving each container empty. On day 12, whoops! you wander past the bookstore. Now it won't restock until day 27...lets hope you don't wander past it again before then! (or that someone else doesn't...if you're on a MP server).

- -b)loot respawn is 15 days. Day 3, you loot a bookstore. You empty the whole place out, but this time, you leave behind a feather, or a piece of paper, or dirt, or a plant fiber...anything...in each bookshelf. Now the timer ticks down whether you wander by or not. You could even make that bookstore your base as long as you leave the bookshelves alone. On day 19 (just to be safe), you go to the bookshelves and take out the item. close the inventory, and presto! now the bookshelves are restocked with new schematics, magazines, and paper. When you're done looting them, you can put the item back in, and wait another 15 (+1 if you want to be safe...if you open it early, the timer probably resets) days for even more stuff. Just make sure you keep track of which day you're supposed to open them up!

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