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A16 SDX Sample Sets the night vision ability of a zombie(alpha16.4)

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This SDX sample sets the night vision ability of a zombie. In addition, the setting of the visual field for each day and night is added.




entityclasses.xml //entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name=DarkSight]/@Value

Daytime night vision ability.

entityclasses.xml //entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name=NightSightRange]/@Value

Sight range at night.

entityclasses.xml //entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name=NightDarkSight]/@Value

Nighttime night vision ability.



<entity_class name="zombieTemplateMale">
	<property name="NightSightRange" value="45" />
	<property name="DarkSight" value="50.0" />
	<property name="NightDarkSight" value="90.0" />


this mod used by 7 days to die mod editor



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