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Mod for Trader Quest Variety


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Is there a mod that doubles or triples the amount of quest locations traders offer and guarantees a wider range of "tier" options regardless of your level/achievements?


As you progress ... The quest tiers rise until virtually everything is level 5.


I'm playing with the Magoli Compo-Pack which adds hundreds of new structures and Nitrogen Map Generator (excellent btw) and would like to explore the various tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 locations.



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Don't know of a mod but thought i would drop this info in here.


From the vanilla POI pack if the sources are right and i have counted correctly then there are 199 POI in the pool to choose from for all tiers


Problerly won't help mod it but to give idea hear is some stats.


Tier 1 101

Tier 2 55

Tier 3 24

Tier 4 7

Tier 5 12


I don't know anything abot Compo-pack so your have to add that to the numbers if the prefab POI has the necessery quest elements.


Maybe you could add tier 1,2,3,4 to the tier 5 quest but the problem is you would get tier 5 rewards for doing a lesser quest.


If the tier progression is linked to Exp (A guess) you could drop the Exp amount for tier 4 and it would extend it also there is the possibilty of copying the quest and giving them a different "quest_id".


Is it possible to chain buildings by extending phase 3 with ClosestPOIGoto and increasing the POIStayWithin radius ?

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