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Sound path for bedrock and trader post


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Hello, I am using xpath to mod my server and having a great time with the learning process.

However, I want to alter the sound that happens when you hit bedrock or the trader post. Standing at the trader and hearing that sound repeatedly really upsets my 7D2D self to the point I will go out and slaughter the z's causing it, so I figured I might as well try and 'fix' it.

Now, I know I'm an idiot, everyone tells me all the time, but for the life of me I cannot find the reference to it in the sounds.xml file.

If anyone knows the path information, or if it can even be changed at all, I would be eternally gratefull.



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The hunt is over.

I found the reference to this sound in sounds.xml.

In case anyone needs this info, it is "keystone_impact_overlay".

Now I just need to replace it with the minibike horn sound so at least I will get a laugh before the slughter. I did a bunch of reading and exploring in this forum, and without the tons of helpful people and posts I was able to figure this out.

Thanks for sharing!

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