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A New Normal - Adult Only - Limited hours weekdays and open all weekend - 12/13/19

Two Penguins

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A New Normal


Is a brand new 7 days to Die server (12/13/19 @ 7pm Eastern)


We are looking to grow a socially active server. A place to enjoy playing 7 Days to Die with friends; New and Old alike. For this reason. DISCORD IS A MUST! Unless you are at work or your a parent of a small child who is sleeping. You will be expected to be on discord if you are online.


Sorry but, no Mic will cut it. Also, never getting on Discord will not cut it as well.


The game is more entertaining when people are interacting, this is why we have decided to take this stance.




  • PvE
  • Adults 21 and older (Avg Age so Far 44)
  • 8k Map
  • No loot re-spawn causing the game difficulty top increase and promoting mobility.
  • Loot starts at 200% (day 1-28) 150% (day 29-56) 100% (Day 57-77) 50% (Day 78-99)
  • At day 100 loot will only be 25% Because in time supplies will vanish.
  • Air Drops are daily for first 14 days in Game. Then its 1x Monthly till day 180 then Zero.
  • Zero tolerance for drama or disrespect of other players/Moderators/Admins
  • No community or game bans
  • Server is password protected then will go to white list status after more people join.
  • USTZ players only. Servers will close at 3 am Eastern and reopen at 7 am eastern. M-F
  • Servers open from Friday 7 am till 3 am Monday Morning, this cuts down on someone running up the days for others.


Discord: (Again Discord is a Must).


No disrespect or berating anyone in discord.

Religion and politics are provided a channel for you to talk in.

No politics or religion in main chat channels or in game chat.

On channels labeled “Streaming or Recording” please do not enter if occupied unless invited.

Moderators have RED names in discord and are there to help you or enforce rules.


Contact Captain Penguin#5726 on Discord for more information.



Welcome survivor to A New Normal. It is our desire to grow a socially active 7 Days to Die community to enhance the game even more. The death of the social aspect of major MMORPGs cause the decline of their popularity. We want to return to the major draw of MMOs and create a community, with your help that fosters the social dynamic of online gaming. For this reason an active Discord presence is mandatory.

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