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What weapon Class?

Adam the Waster

What weapon Class?  

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  1. 1. What weapon Class?

    • Cluber
    • Brawler
    • Brute (hammers and axes)
    • Bladesmen
    • Spearman
    • Makeshift (Junker or shock baton)
    • Shotgun Messiah and pistols
    • Comando (AR weapons , Marksman)
    • Boomer (Expolsives)
    • Odd (weapons like wrenches , tourchs etc)

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None of the options suit - I use whatevers' handy - I prefer clubs; but happily use sledges and spears. I prefer shotguns, but happy with any guns really - depends on the situation and how much ammo I've got.


Jack of all trades I see. A true survivalist lol...

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Should be multiple choice.


Early game its junker, because the turrets are such great cc for low costs.

Lategame Commando has no drawbacks. As long as you have ammunition it is the highest range, highest dps, highest utility, everything.

An M-60 with 130 ammo, cripple, anti rad, and either those parts that increase firerate or the long barrel for extra dmg...

You are set for life. No horde on this earth can stop you.

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good idea for the poll, but perhaps with the way the poll works (limited to 10, can only choose 1 option) then it can be difficult to answer.


For me, I play at an easier level and I am level mid 30, day 35 on 30 minute days but I tend to switch between 3:


Club for lone zombies (I hate using repair kits for these)

Shotgun for wolves and spider zombies

Currently a rifle for horde night, but I am just using the best gun available to me so far


Curiously (remember I am playing at an easier level) I haven't spent any points in a weapon skill, I have been upgrading building, finding and crafting skills and I get by fine. That might change soon though!


edit: 30 min days not 300!

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No idea at all why you grouped the WILDLY different shotguns and pistols, or rifles and automatic together....they play completely differently, and are significantly more different than most of the melee classes.


Yup, poll makes no sense.


Also, I need to be able to give multiple answers:


1) Horde night: Machine guns

2a) Outside horde night, while gamestage is still low enough for melee to be viable: Baseball bat or club

2b) Outside horde night, once gamestage has become high enough for melee to no longer be viable: Shotguns

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