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Blunderbuss Upgrades! ammo , barrels and look!

Adam the Waster

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We know that not at ton use the blunderbuss, and after using it for a bit its "ok" but it could be better!


so i have a few ideas on to make it a more handy weapon!


1: the look. this is just to make it look more makeshift!


2: upgradeable barrels: this is so you can turn the gun into a different weapon example, Harmadica Gun Mod. it turns it into a semi auto that holds 5 shots but it shoots slow , and of course blunderbuss mod to turn it into a shotgun! but the base is a Musket that does not have damage or range of a hunting rifle but its cut in half!


3: ammo types: normal , Spike shot: it shoots a scrap metal shaped bullet that goes through zombies. Dragon shot: a mix of Gas and Gunpowder that has a short range but sets enemies on fire!





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