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Invisible Junk Turret - how to "fix"


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Someone has a trick to fix that?


I placed a junk turret on or near a ceiling glass during a quest.. (big factory T5 quest)

Turret disappeared but i still can hear the sound and it still shoots!


I'm on a long game and i don't want to lose that turret..



ANY trick around?


The quest seems stucked.. don't know if caused by the turret or not.

I keep on reading 0 KM on the quest distance even when inside the POI.. and can't re-activate it at all.



any help appreciated..

(i don't post a bug cause i started the game with the very first A18 release so it's not "consistent" 100% with a fresh new game)

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maybe it felt through the world?


Look for it in debug-mode (<F1> + dm + <enter> + <q>), fly up and down on the position where it was last, listen, when its sound is getting louder, you'll getting closer to its postion.


Happened for me last week, I found it stuck inside basements floor...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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