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Better Optics


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1.6a Updated


added high res scope textures


fixed minor bugs


removed all old file versions


Changes most scope optics for 2x, 4x, and 8x. All scopes have unique reticles.


AK47 only optics:


PSO-1 (8x scope)

PK-A Original (1x red dot scope)

Kobra Reflex (1x reflex sight)


AK47, MR10, Iron Crossbow, Compound Crossbow:

AN/PVS 4 (night vision scope)



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Nice mod are you planning on making more scopes for the other weapons?


Yep, I actually have a few already modeled. The next scopes in the mod will be a 1x PK-A red dot (different model), kobra reflex sight and AN/VPS night vision scope. Thanks for your interest.

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