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Zombie Spawning Mechanics


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I had a few questions about the mechanics behind zombie spawns and was hoping someone would be able to help me.


1. How far away from the player do zombies spawn, min and max distance? I know sleeper zombies are different so I'm referring mostly to the wandering zombies, both singles and hordes, and the blood moon zombies.


2. Is this distance a sphere or a cylinder? If it was a sphere you could just pillar up until you were high enough that the zombies wouldn't have any place to spawn. A cylinder would mean that no matter how high you went they could still spawn.


3. Do zombies spawn on player made blocks and, if so, do they spawn on just full blocks or all blocks?

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1. I believe it is a range of 30-50 blocks away for wandering hordes and they move in a random direction from there not necessarily towards the player. Biome spawns try to spawn out of sight but I'm not certain the distance but I am certain they don't always succeed at spawning out of sight.... Blood moon zombies spawn in a circle at the edge of the currently loaded chunk. I can't say exactly how many blocks that is.


2. Cylinder.


3. They only spawn on game spawned terrain blocks.

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