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Wildlife spawn change. PLUS! more animal ideas

Adam the Waster

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there a nice amount of animals in 7dtd


but in my mind i think some should spawn in other biomes


there's really only a few animals i think could have a spawn change


Coyote: coyotes should spawn in nearly every biome due to there real nature (the fact that they can live in nearly every Climate)

but they would spawn in packs with (the alpha which could be a bit larger) in the forest , deserts and snow


Mountain lion: they also live in a lot of climates two so they should spawn in desert , forest and snow!






Chicken should be a turkey due to the chicken being hard to see and it could be hostile (if you get close)


Rabbits could be a bit bigger



Bonus due to me being board Additional animals


Gator: they could be a invasive animal in navezgane and they swim in the waters and attack you! they are strong! (spawn in water)


Black bears: a smaller bear but they are more hostile and faster. however they are weaker (spawn in forest and snow)


Cows/bulls: after the apocalypse the animals in farms escaped and made it into the wild. the cows will attack you but bulls will actively attack you! (spawn in desert , and forest)


Bison: these big bois are the herbivore that is stronger then a bear and they will charge at you and kill you if you get to close. (spawn in desert and snow) (side note: they can drop testosterone extract)


Wolvernen: the american badger they Dont give a F , they are as strong as a wolf and are small and loud they will cause bleed and will tear you apart, but a nice gun will end there terror. (spawn in snow , forest and wasteland)


moose: they are more deadly then deer and will attack you, they will attack you if they see you to close (spawn in Forest and snow)


Bobcat: they are smaller versions of mountain lions and they are MUCH faster. (spawn in any biome)


BigHorn sheep: they are mid size sheep and they are hostile to anything that gets close and will cause blunt force trauma (spawn in forest , desert , snow)



and that's it

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