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Specific questions on handling Demolishers


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So my cunning new base design failed.


But I have another!


However before I finalize the build, I need to know the answer to the following Demolisher-related questions. If you know any, please respond. ;P


Dart Traps

a) Does a Dart Trap need to be 3 blocks off the ground (i.e have 2 blocks under it) to hit a Demolisher in the head and avoid him exploding?

b) If it were 2 blocks high would it trigger the explosion?

c) At 3 blocks high will it miss most other zombie types that pass in front of it?


Blade Traps

a) If I hang a Blade Trap from a ceiling such that it is horizontally aligned and is 3 blocks off the ground (i.e has 2 empty blocks beneath it) will it hit a Demolisher in the head and avoid him exploding?

b) At this height will it miss most other zombie types that pass below it?



If a Demolisher's charge is triggered (beep, beep, beep) can you avoid the explosion by killing him as quickly as possible? And btw I mean simply killing him, and NOT vapourizing the corpse with crazy damage. Please don't reply to this one unless you are 100% sure.


Thanks all

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Dart traps:

Not in my tests. A 3 tall trap will miss. a 2 tall trap will hit them, but MAY set of the explosion unless an electric fence holds them still. Variable is other zeds hitting them, pushing them or bad luck - AP bullets to finish 'em off seems necessary for redundancy in the bases i've tested.


Blade Traps:

Likewise. My testing has a 3 tall missing, and a 2 tall hitting; and not setting them off often, provided a fence holds them still underneath.


Edit - ramps or half blocks may help; and steel hatches are the strongest blocks in the game vs demo explosions at the moment.


Yes, a dead demolisher does not explode. Tested and viewable in Kage848's most recent horde night video - demolisher comes in, is triggered, and he guns it down with an M60 AP ammo; corpse remains and no explosion.

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1&2: No, they "fixed" it. Now it just fires/swings over all tall zeds heads. They shrunk them all down just enough so all zeds are the same height as each other (except the spider).


Once the beeping starts you have 2 seconds. Good luck, we run about 50/50 on killing them before they go off.


Our solution was to reduce the explosion damage to something a bit more mundane, 2000 damage. So it now takes more than 1 of them exploding to completely destroy the area. However before we even did that our players simply gave up playing (about a month of playing for most of them, so not the worst run for our servers). The last couple of us are now logging in about once a week so we are effectively done with A18 as well.


Time to move on or find a mod to hold our interest. Anybody have a suggestion on a different enough A18 mod or another game entirely?

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I have a thread in the images and videos section specifically on dart traps vs demolishers. They do work quite well, and I actually have them 5 blocks off the ground. The 4th block is an Arrow Slit for protection, then I have iron bars below that to prevent spiders from jumping.



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Orc, did you try placing plates on the floor to raise the zombies up just a wee bit?


And wth just happened to Benny Hill's eyes???


Yea we put a half block down but like I said it seems that all the big zeds are now the same height as all the other zeds so height traps now hit everybody or nobody. They patched it some time in November and it annoyed me greatly.



My son happened to it. He did some edits in his animation design class (HS sophomore) a few weeks ago and asked me to change it for giggles.

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