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Help recover a world seed?


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I run a dedicated on a local windows machine for me and my friends.

I had some issues getting it to update 18.2 (solved now) but in the process I forced a validation, which overwrote my serverconfig file. I still have the save game folder, and all it's files.


Is there a way I can recover the seedname? or alternatively a way to force it to use the specific folder?



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Thanks, it took some digging to find the right folder/file.


If anyone else needs this info it's in file "output_log_dedi__xxxx-xx-xx__yy-y-yy.txt" (where X's are the date and Y is the time I think).

This file is inside the folder

serverbasefolder/7DaysToDieServer_Data folder


Scroll down a good bit and it shows every server setting, including "WorldGenSeed"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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