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Main Menu never loads


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So I recently bought 7DTD again because my disc version was broken back a friend, because my friends are just like me, anyway I started playing with some friends I met online YEARS ago. I was the one who created the world because I’m online the most. I play 2-4 days with maybe 2-8hour long sessions each day. And I have never ever ever had any issues with the game launching, using the main menu (or any menu for that matter), and starting worlds (with the occasional game crash and server crashes, but that’s just fun pimps and telltale not knowing how to fix their game). But on that last day I got off for the night and it worked fine. The next day however it didn’t work as well, it launched properly and opened the application, but when it got to the menu, it didn’t give me the ‘Press The Start Button’ option or whatever it says, I already forgot. So I did some research on the issue, and all I got was solutions for the Xbox, and 1 solution for the ps4, being to uninstall it. I would love to not do that because I don’t have PS Plus so I don’t have online storage to keep the data. And I don’t have an external storage to put it on considering the one I have is only for application data not saved game data. Is there a way I can fix this problem without deleting the game and saved data? Or am I just so pissed off that I didn’t realize, and still am not realizing that there is a way to fix this easier or only delete the app and not the data? If you understand this and know how to fix this issue please help me out. I find it stupid that I never had issues with the physical disc version, but it having issues with the Digital version. Help me please and thank you. ( sorry for an essay of a forum thread lmfao)

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