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Stoves, spider ai expanded, rake/lawn mower


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Few misc wishes.


[stoves] can be turned into a "camp fire function" by wiring them., want a stove for decorate purpose /and basic functions.


[Lawn mower/rake] that sweeps an attack by 3 wide at least. Maybe a sweeping attack. Just want to collect and clean that grass fast and efficiently. Grass is good burn fuel if can collect easier.


[Expanded spider ai] spider automatically clings to any block it touches. Allowing it to walk walls and ceilings and navigate. And detach as needed for human brains. Like how spiders transferse up down, sideways. So if spider jumps as normal. It will attach to your iron bars.. then start walking around for an opening from the roof or something.

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I have been asking for stoves for some time as well. And MadMole does not sound like he objects so hopefully it will be something that will make an appearance before the game is finished.


Spider zombies used to climb but they had lots of problems with the pathing on them so the ability had to be removed. I do hope that this behavior, along with other unique zombie activities, will make a return once the game goes to Beta and the bugs can really start to be fixed.


I would not mind having a faster way to harvest/clear things like grass and other small plants, but I don't see it as something that is needed. Some folks have created mods that increase the action speed on tools to allow for faster harvesting, so there will probably be some options for folks down the road.

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