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Lam's A20 modlets


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  • 5 months later...

Hello Lamm.


Super good mod, I love it, it adds a lot to the game.

I have an issue tho, after 19.4 it does not work anymore on servers.

The functional part, the perks, do work, the bonuses that they offer work. But in the menu where we should see our skills, the icons do not appear anymore. 

The buttons are there I can click them, I can use the menu, but the icons do not work, they do not show up.


Is there a way you could fix this please? I love it on the server.

Maybe you could use the vanilla icons for the mod and make 2 mods? One for local use where you can use your icons, and one for us who have servers and use some vanilla icons for the sake of it?


Thank you a lot,


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@X3ntra Thank you for the kind words 


such a mod already exist I just never posted it on here and now apparently I can't post it either since I am only allowed to upload pictures ?!?


anyway here is the link to the page where you can download it from : Server icons addon

just scroll down the page and download the server icon addon mod

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Can't wait for the server mods for A20, the skills are my favourite :) Please also use the images from the game so the server side mods have icons :D

Thanks so much for your work, game is much better with your mods! :)

Happy holidays, enjoy your time! :)

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  • lammetje changed the title to Lam's A20 modlets
2 hours ago, X3ntra said:



Happy new year! :)

Any news on the updates for A20 ? :D


Thank you! 

And a happy new year to you to


My apologies for not updating these forums sooner, I just simply forgot 😕

I have updated all my mods for A20,

But since I can no longer post mods on these forums directly,

I have updated my first post to include links to all my mods on the Nexusmods website where you can download them from.


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3 hours ago, Con Agni said:

Hi, i like to ask a thing is there a some way (or work around) to use your mosd and the Age of Oblivion mod? I think to the skill trees to be exact both ar awsome. and thenk you for the advice in forvard!


what mod of mine isn't working with his ?

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not to bad but that still leaves me with the question, which ones are NOT working ?

also I am not surprised that some of his mods are popping up in my tree considering he did some copy paste of my mods


FYI no worries about English not being your native tongue, it ain't mine either

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11 hours ago, ate0ate said:

Perfectly understand if you do not feel compelled to say yes to this question, but would you consider adding SMX support/compat for your increased storage capacity for chests/vehicles/etc?


I just uploaded an : All in one storage mod for SMX

this file includes the vehicle,drone and player storage chest

you can find it here All in one storage mod for SMX

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