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Where can I talk with the Pimps (developer) members?


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Hello Guys...

This is Simon from South Korea.. and I apologize for my short-English first of all.


I'm a member of the Korean translation team (non-official of course.) also a vice-administrator of the 7DTD Korean community blog.


By the way... My team has been making a Korean Translation patch since the Alpha17 patch came out. We share it with the user who bought this game in steam. (we hate illegal downloaders and refuse to share the patch.)


However, we have no idea about the making Translation patch is legal or not.. Also, we have some questions about authorization but I don't know how can I contact game developers.


Community members (9227 members) are waiting for good news!


This is a youtube video about the Korean patch that we made.




Thank you for reading my nasty words!

감사합니다! :smile-new:

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Generally the developers have given the permission to mod (modify) the game. I have seen messages from the developers that indicate that that (quite naturally) also includes translations, so I am 99.99% sure your modification is legal.


Probably the safest way to get authorative answers from the developers would be sending a private message to Roland, the community moderator: https://7daystodie.com/forums/member.php?17786-Roland

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