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Make a "Loudener"?


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Would it be possible to make a "Loudener" for guns instead of the silencer?


I'm sick and tired of the sleeping zombies not waking up when unleashing hell just a few meters from them and thought to

make an mod, but looking at the silencer mod in the item_modifiers.xml I could not see any clear value to alter referring to noise, Would this idea be possible, or is the silencer's effect a hardcoded thing?

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Just look at the item and you'll see.


Zombies do have random sensory stats, though. Some just don't hear well, to the point of being deaf.


I can't seem to find anything regarding it in either items or item_modifiers files, just what sounds to play and what damage it does.

But I found a mod that changes how sleepers behave on a larger scale to let them wake up from a much larger distance, Should be better then a loudener! :D

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