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Where is TNT gone?!?


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I am now for the first time in A18 in the very late game phase and massively terraforming the environment. And while i had some idea of building perfectly strait roads - which has the other, independent reason of cars and bikes completely ruining every elevation changing building block, which is an annoyance on its own (why can't you either balance the destructive forces of vehicles with the inclination of available ramp blocks, so that they at least don't destroy wedges and wedge tips, or introduce new much more flat ramp blocks that are not destroyed by the mad max vehicles?) - i made the annoying discovery that TNT seems to be gone in A18.


Why that?!?


TNT was ever since a late game element that nobody had other than FUN with.


That can't be, am i right? Customers who have FUN with a sold product - a blatant crime! They all have to be punished!


OK: We can easily mod it back, but: WHY!?! Why in the first place take out elements that nobody ever had complained about, but everybody who had tried them was excitingly happy with!?! I don't get it, sorry.


I have the impression that you have some undercover torpedo in the enterprise who has the task to take you from the market. And maybe he gets successful some day, if he continues ravaging every funny aspect of this game.


Don't you register the tremendously raised mass of complains about your recent developments in your forums? Where in previous alphas there were masses of enthusiastic praising, and now every second post being a shame-on-you call?!?


I don't get it, no way.


Well: The TNT gone is only one of countless annoyances - which are completely, reminder free, without any need or reason. It has nothing to do with balancing, it has nothing to do with bugs people would complain about. It has nothing to do with performance.


I don't get it - did i already mentioned that?


Good work. Keep it going.


Something of the previous statements was sarcasm.

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