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High Intensity PvP Server - Wiped 12/6/2019

PvM in RS

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Hello all, we have created a server on a NitrogenMap intending to create an active pvp community. The map size is 4k with one mega sized city in order to create a lot of conflict while looting, obviously there are many small houses around and one small town, but with loot respawn set to 15 days the hope is to force a lot of people to rely on the large city.




This is a picture of our map, there is only one trader which is the pink square located in the south west, this should also make things very interesting for pvp. We would like everyone to keep the inside area of the trader pve and some of the area around it.


As of right now, we are gathering up teams on our discord, our discord link is https://discord.gg/KzdBQGa From this discord we have voice channels for the teams, as well as a role system to show who is a free agent and who is a part of a given team. This is the best place to go if you want to join a group on the server.


As far as the settings on the game go, we are set to 5/6 difficulty level, 100 loot abundance (to really make you go out and loot) and xp multiplier to 150%. There is a 1000m shared kill range which is meant to really make you want to join a team as this will greatly help your xp gain on the server.


Every player gets 2 claim blocks, with a range of 100 blocks each, and a deadzone of enemy players of 150 blocks. They are set to 4x online durability, and 20x offline durability, to greatly reduce the amount of offline raiding but still make you want to set up defenses for offline raiders because they can still raid you. The goal of this server is to have you design bases for the hordes of zombies and the hordes of players, we want a truly engaging pvp experience.


On top of this, we also have slightly increased animal and zombie spawns, as well as 10 zombies for bloodmoon count per player, with hordes every 6 days +/- 2 days, in order to keep people on their toes about horde nights as well.


If you'd like to give our server a shot come join with the IP and server port of 41451

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