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New Zombies Ideas-PART 2!

Adam the Waster

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after some thinking and drawing i came up with a few more ideas for zombies some of these are Updated ones i had on there and some are brand new!



Withered Wight: these zombies are just normal zombies but they are "mummified" and they are just skin and bones and they are pretty mean and they can spawn underground.- HP 110


Infector: this zombie is a hospital patient with his gown that's covered in blood and a thick Yellow Mucus, they have a Broken jaw that is snapped and wide and his teeth has rot away due to bacteria which is what gives it its name. they can bite you with a super high chance of infection that is quick to kill you, he also has a ranged attack that he spits his mucus at you can it makes a effect "that the same if you were set on fire". - HP 900



Wendigo: This zombie is Tall , long and very Deadly, this zombie is Also near skin to bones. but are extremely deadly, able to cut you to bits with little to no effort and they are fast!. when running they move on fall fours but if they walk/jog they move like a lumberjack. there claws are able to cut through armor to.- HP 1250



Fermented Walker: This zombie is So Rotten to the point wear their skin is Dark Green and Red. standing near him makes people sick (food poisoning) and will make you lose your lunch to weaken you. worst thing is that zombies Follow them due to the smell. like flies to a corps. -HP 100



Obese Walker: this THICC boi is a zombie that looks like a Cop zombie but has no shirt and very stretched Shorts. he is around 4 blocks tall and 2 wide and he is a WALKING TANK!. if he hits you instead of bleed, it causes Blunt force trauma and a knock back! he can't puke up can slam the ground and walls! he can weck buildings! and his fat has Harden and acts like armor. they rarely Spawn in the wild but will come during blood moons!

HP- 3500



Infected Bandit: these zombies are bandits and look like ferals, they wear a armor a Iron chest and gloves and the rest is scrap, he is kinda slow but tanky and due to there gloves they causes a Nasty bleed. they also have a bandolier on this waste that has some pipe bombs (basically a early demolisher) . HP 500



Zombie Mole: these guys are miners worst nightmare. Around 3 feet tall and are able to burrow through stone and dirt. they move in packs and once enough heat map is found they come and attack! they can easily rip you apart but a nice weapon will easily kill them. they also like to pop out of the ground during blood moons.- HP 110


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and yes i made is so its not 10 hundred pages long!

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