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Can I kill Rekt?


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No, seriously. Can I just shoot him in the face and have him die?


I've got 2 games running currently, one with 3 friends and one with just my husband and I. In BOTH GAMES the two traders closest to us, and thus most frequently used, are Rekt and Hugh. The biggest jackasses. And I am tired as hell of listening to them.


I know I can spawn in permanent traders in the trader building, but can I get rid of Hugh and Rekt so they'll go away?


Preferably without a mod. Can I console them away, or just shoot them? Spawn zombies on him? Something?


I want Bob and Joel, they're sweethearts.

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It's a one word fix:


In npc.xml make the following substitution:




name="Traitor Rekt"





stance="Dislike" voice_set="trader"

trader_id="1" dialog_id="trader" />


Replace "Dislike" with either "Like" or "Neutral" and you will give Rekt a better personality.

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okay, but that's not what I want. I want to replace him. I can add traders, is there something I can use to delete him?


If you set the trader to "Like", he'll use all of the Jen/Joel verbiage and be as nice as can be. Do you object to his appearance as well? Outright removing him is a bigger deal in terms of the xml edits. Just making him nice is really easy.

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