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"Mission Scenarios" DLC, separate from 7d2d but using the game's features.


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You could create DLC "Mission Scenario's", which would basically bea specific mission based environment built using 7D2D as the base platform.



For example, here is one scenario :


- Escape from Manhattan


When the Zombie outbreak struck, the military destroyed the bridges. You are stuck in Manhattan island until rescue can come via helicopter. Survive until Day 52, and reach the EVAC point.




Basically, the developers would create a custom map that looks similar to the city in the movie "I AM LEGEND" starring Will Smith. It is a city full of high rise buildings. A zoo (escaped animals), etc.



Your objective is to play the game, just like 7d2d, in this dense city with lots of zombies around... and survive and complete mission. You would have to be creative in how to mine resources. And you would have to do all of this in a cramped, densely populated area.





That's just one idea I threw at the wall. You could create countless DLC Mission scenario's.

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