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Hi, I dont know if I post in the right place here or not, so forgive me if i post in wrong thread.


It's been 1-2 years since I last played this game. Last time the update was bear and new zombie mechanics or something.

I can see that there is no major improvement beside the UI and skill page. But some other factors are much better too. The scavenge loots were much better, flying bird, barricaded doors by random settlement/house, stealth was so much better, noise effect when you break down house and can be heard by zombie is realistic, sprained legs are no longer annoying (in my time when we jump over 2-3 meters, we would get sprained legs. damn annoying!) , bed is easier to make, equipments too, tutorials are available, etc.

The gameplay is still clunky/stiff.

Dont get me wrong, I love this game. Scares the ♥♥♥♥ out of me.


Here's some feedback.

1.Follow the mechanics from No More Room In Hell game on steam. I attacked a zombie in 7DTD and when I go backward, they can still hit me,wheras in NMRIH, you can evade those zombie, which is only logical. Zombies are slow in general. Also please copy/make better fluidity/smoothness when you attack, following from NMRIH game as well. You dont have to 100% copy, just make it better. Suggestion: left click for fast attack, long left click hold for power attack, E to shove back, better yet, make blocking too using melee weapon.


2. I dont know whether you have implied it or not, but please make players able to shove zombie back. It will bring some breathing space when we get surrounded. Like NMRIH and Left 4 dead.

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They specifically added a new mechanic in the recent update so that zombies randomly run when we hit them, to achieve the contrary of what you are asking for in your 2 points, so dont count on it.

I havent played the other game, so I couldnt say specifically, but things that work in 1 game dont work in another. 7d2d combat is pretty easy, there arent many zombies, so they needed to increase the difficulty of fighting them, not make it easier.

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Sorry, it wasnt meant to make it easier only, but to make it more make sense and less frustrating, especially when you're in tight spaces and ambushed by zombies that can teleport from the roof and get a jump at you, you want to get some breathing space and get another chance to fight em.


Yes surely you cant force 1 method from a game to another, but they can take an example out of it. NMRIH is also not a big company, and I believe 7 days can be better. It's just a feedback, not forcing them to adapt a copy of them 100%. NMRIH is not a base survival game.

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