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Advanced SI : some answers


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In continuation of an old question of mine, I have continued testing this in A.18.


The original question is here : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?111362-Advanced-SI. I use the same test setting as in my initial post.



1) Reaching infinite vertical support depends on the length on the sequence.

When I replace some W wood frames by cobblestone, the structure collapses at W.weight=24 wood as expected. In my experiment, shortening the 24 U+W blocks to a length of 19 (replacing 10 wood by 5 cobblestone changes the length but not the mass) is when the structure starts collapsing.


2) The break-length depends on the height of the structure's basis.

Translating the same test 1 block down breaks at length 20 instead of 19.


3) I also measured how much horizontal weight can the partially supported block W carry. The answer depends on the height of the block compared to the U section (the higher, the more weight, even at heights not getting infinite support).


This is very weird, in particular 2). The most probable explanation is that vertical SI is only checked within chunks. So whenever you can move to the next vertical chunk without breaking, you reach infinite vertical stability. I did not estimate the chunk size precisely, but the breaking point in my test was height=96, so I suspect the code uses chunks of size 32


If I remember correctly, heat map uses blocks of size 32. Is it true ? Also, is Heatmap 2D or 3D ? Also, because the maximum support length offered to player is 15 (iron frames), all SI (vertical and horizontal) is probably computed 32 by 32. Max len 15 ensures we don't reach infinite horizontal stability (I have to check that we would with the creative bridge blocks).


3) is also weird. It should only depend on the total W mass, and not its repartition (if I understand the "vertical stability is infinite" rule of fuzzy physics correctly). I have no clue yet on this one.


Any thoughts (or even better, confirmation on how it is implemented or what should be the formula for partially supported blocks) ?

Thank you !

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