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Constant Crashes to desktop


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My friend got me the game a few days ago as a gift and what little I can play I've been having a blast with.


My issue is that I'm getting constant crashes. Some are straight to desktop others go to program is not responding. Some times everything runs well and I get 3+ hours with no issues then I'll get issues that crash me every few minutes. I'm playing on my friends private server and none of his other friends have issues.


On the server I crash more/faster when there is another person online.


I don't have the log file for my friends server but I can get it in the next few days.



Here is my pastebin.






Did you start a new game and re-create the issue?

: Every time I play on his server or on my own.


Have you validated your files through Steam?

: I have validated files multiple times and re-installed at least 2 times


After validation, did you re-try with a brand new game?

: I did and there was no change with the issue

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OK, not seeing any issue in the logs, and your hardware is capable. The log just stops, so it's hanging without tossing any errors.


Things to check.

1. Dust. Could be a component overheating. This game will tax your hardware more than any other because of the 3D Voxel landscape.

2. Security software. Could be caused by a scan or a false positive. Make sure your client is excluded.

3. It wouldn't be the first time the client found a borderline PSU and pushed it over the edge. Because this game requires a lot more from your hardware, it can stress your PC a bit more than some benchmarking software does.

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Well the issue should not be from the first two I just got a can of air yesterday and gave the PC the best cleaning its had in a long time, Hell I even grabbed some new thermal paste and redid that as well since its been many a moon since my buddy put it all together. Security software is up to date and exceptions have been made for all of my games. PSU could be the problem but I have a much larger one than my board etc needs so I would normally think that It should have it covered. I'll play some more and see if it just that server or if it happens everywhere.


I've not logged into any other servers so if there is a problem on those I can possibly rule out his Server. Or pinpoint that the issue is there and not on my end.

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