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Password Protected Public Server No Mods Edited Game Files


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Server is located in the US on the east coast


I will be starting a new password protected dedicated server this weekend 11/22/2019 and decided to open it to the public. It will be hosted on the east cost. There will be 2 active admins on it. If your interested in join the discord at bottom of post. Im not looking to build the most popular server out there just looking to find another 5 to 10 active players.


This is my take on a more realistic version of the base game and here are the settings.


The map is a custom generated 8k map using Nitrogen with a huge group of cities clustered towards the center of the map. with snow to the north and desert to the south. Because of this it is recomended you have more than 8gb of ram as this will eat ram. Not as bad as the 16k map i originally had on the server used 22gb of ram haha.


Changed Files

-loot drops for normal zombies is now 10-15% from 3%

-loot drops from radiated zombies now 25% from 3%

-Normal zombies now do only 2 damage to blocks but still do normal damage to doors

-all other zombies generally do much less damage to blocks but retain normal damage to doors

-There are about 150% more zombies thats right 2.5x as many zombies now in the game(Beware of construction skyscraper)

-aloud 3 claim blocks

-added sticky dynamite


Normal Settings

-Password Protected

-Raised Difficulty

-1 hour days

-bloodmoon every 7 days

-zombies walk during day

-zombies jog at night

-bloodmoon and feral zombies run

-normal exp gain

-normal damage

-loot respawn every 25 in game days

-drop everything on death

-keep everything on quit

-air drops 1 per day

-no marked air drops

-friendly fire

-claim size 51 blocks

-claim deadzone 30 blocks

-claim duration 7 days

-4x claim health online

-claim health offline 1000x(no offline raiding)

-party shared xp distance 200M

-15 max players


Server Rule

-PVP is aloud

-No cheating EAC is enabled on this server

-No griefing

-No offline raiding. Use your claim blocks if you dont want raided offline


Join the discord if your interested to keep up to date on the server and get the password https://discord.gg/kBuyBZ


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