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Changing font?


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The default font is quite an inaccesible font for me.

I know in alot of places, i can edit the font sizes (and I have) but I'm looking for a way to change the font type.

I see font_face referenced sometimes in the xml files, but changing them simply makes the text invisible.


I've searched but the only threads/info I've found are dead and have nothing useful in them.


Appreciate any info on the topic (or even just pointing me at things that have changed the fonts, as I can probably look over the xmls and figure it out)

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Thanks, but that info is out of date, the styles.xml no longer contains the font definitions.

When i check it, i only see "font_face" twice, where its defining which font to use for a label or text list.

In both cases it's saying to use "Agency32_p" but that's the only location i see that exact font name in the file too.

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