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Ravenhearst Error


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I am new in 7D2D. I would like to play 7D2D with the Ravenhearst Mod COOP. I try to install it Manual but if I start the Game there is the Error: "Failed to initilalize player: PreloadData is missing. It should always be there."

Then I checked the game with Steam. It found missing data and redownloaded it. After it I can start the game and Play. I saw no changes just the different main menu. (I did not played longer then 5sec so it is impossible to saw more i think).

If my Friend try to join he get a error in his consol like animalZomyDogV2 is missing... he installed the game like me and checked the game data with steam like me. He can play solo too and if i would join I get the same error.


After hours I try it with 7D2D Mod Launcher but there is the first error (Failed to initialize player)


I hope you guys can help me

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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