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Underground prefabs


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I was working to make an underground hidden laboratory. Couldn't place any blocks below ground level in the editor so I raised the prefab, built the underground, then lowered the prefab. It fell apart with a hole all the way through the world when I pretested. I know building underground works from other editors creations but I cannot figure out how then completed theirs successfully. Sorry for such a basic question but I couldn't find any information on dealing with underground structures elsewhere.

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puh - where I should start here


at first let me tell u that u r totally thinking the wrong way here IMO - free ur mind now! ;)


I dont know exactly what u mean with "lowered the prefab" , but here are some tipps:



If u want to built a prefab that has underground-parts the most bottom-layer of the prefab is also the most bottom-Layer (0) in the prefab-editor (no matter if Pilles or Ingame!) !!! (everything that is beneth the worlds 0 level is falling down - even in editor !)


(Dont care on which hight it must be placed to fit with the surface-Layer of the world when it is spawning in game - this is another topic

and has nothing to do with building the prefab (this has something to do yoffset in rwg or a substraction of the y-value in Navezgane) )


Most important part:

avoid Air beneth the prefab - it will cause it to collapse !!!



Also important when spawning:

In the prefabs-xml the line: CopyAirblocks the value should set to "True" !!!

(if it is on "False" all the air that is supposed to be underground turns into dirtblocks then and u have to dig ur way through XD !)



for example check "xcostum_burialshrine(by_snake0567)" from COMPOPACK

and study how it looks when loaded in the prefab-editor and how its behaive when u click on gametest


Also pls study and compare the prefabs own xml with yours (have a look on the line yoffset !)



ok - i hope this helped a bit



if u dont have COMPOPACK - "bombshelter_md_01" has also a 12 blocks deep underground-part

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Thanks I finally figured it out from parts of what I read elsewhere. To start I turned on show ground level then tried to build under that. Obviously that didn't work. I instead set a solid block of stone and built my underground into that. I also topped the stone layers with a layer of "terrain" and then raised the ground level into that. Presto I built my tunnels and rooms into the stone. I've already tested it in the playtest world and everything is thus far holding up and my airblocks (because I dug it out of stone) carry through with no further effort or coding. To do the digging I didn't use the gun, I simply selected the areas to be cleared and pressed "J". Instant cleared areas to build in. Thanks for the help and I do have the compopack. I've been looking into them as a reference and how-to.


- - - Updated - - -


avoid Air beneth the prefab - it will cause it to collapse !!!


That I definitely found out the hard way.

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When building any Prefab its always best to Ignore where it will be or what it will look like & just Build it from the ground up as your able to specify its depth in game at any time with the setting in the XML..


My Canyon Prefab in the In game editor looks crazy at over 47 blocks high when spawned lol... But when in game its told to spawn 47 blocks deep so dont fret...

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