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A few things i'd love to see.


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So first off i don't figure the devs will actually see this but maybe a content creator will who knows.


There are a few things i would really love to see in this game, I know they just upgraded their unity they use, (Which means they can now make custom textures if memory servers.) So that means loads of new things possible mostly limited by the games ability to compute and imagination.


1. Perhaps the biggest thing i would like to see, Unique dismemberment, Plenty of games have done this, (Off the top of my head Killingfloor 2. did it well.) It has always felt weird that zombie heads explode when struck with a sharp weapon, It would look much better if they were sliced apart, Same with body parts the torso and so on, I'd love to be able to fully tear my enemies apart with the weapons. Even leaving them in tatters with a hail of bullets low calibers leaving small holes and big ones leaving larger holes. AP leaving very small holes and hp leaving massive holes. Same for players.


2. Blood trail, I play primarily on a pvp server. (Im an admin there and i do partake in the combat from time to time. when it can be found.) I hate when i injure an opponent and they manage to scamper away with no means to track them down. I mean if your badly injured you should leave a trail of blood for players to follow and zombies to be attracted to.


3. More variations in weapons. We currently have a rather sparse number of weapons on our hands, (Hunting knife, Machete, Bone knife, sledge hammer, steel sledge hammer, Baseball bat, Stun baton, Spear, Ak-47, Smg, 9mm handgun, 44. magnum, M60, Hunting rifle, Marksman rifle, Junkturret, double barrel shotty and pump shotty.) Primitive bow, Wooden bow, Compound bow, Iron crossbow, Compound crossbow I know that the m4a1 is in the game not dropable or finished (Under the name Tactical assault rifle. If you get a chance to try it do so because its awesome.) But there are loads and loads of weapons to be had and tons of different calibers to play with. Personally i'd like to see more high end options. Currently everyone is running around with an m60 and wrecking everything. Kinda boring after a while. Lets get some more options yeah? Ump45, Aug a3, Ak-103, Rpk, Lewis, Bren, Barrett 50. , Jackhammer (auto shotgun for those of you who don't know.) AA-12, Spas-12, Scar-H Scar-L, CS-5, 308 recon, Battle axe, Claymore, Iron bat, Kbar, Katana, Katar, Mace, Morning Star, Light Flail, Heavy Flail. I mean we have literally limitless options. All these things exist and its not like after the zombie apocolyps they just vanish so lets bring some variation to the weapons so the play styles can become more than m60 gunner.


4. Underground cave systems, Pre existing caverns filled with ore, zombies, and wildlife.


5. More wildlife, Currently there isn't much and they aren't very frequent. Wandering around the world it normally feels rather empty to me. No birds flying around, No ground animals skittering around. I mean i know the game can only handle so many spawned entities. so ambient non entity creatures maybe? Stuff to make wandering around a bit more interesting.


6. More armor variation, We currently have, Plant fiber, Padded, Leather, Military, Scrap, Iron, Steel, (Oddly there is a swat helm but no swat gear? Can we get a bit more than these? Like specialized gear? More than just military stealth boots maybe? Riot gear? Flack jackets? Shields? (I mean idk about you but zombie apocolyps i'd have a badass shield anywhere i went so i could slap things out of the way and to block bullets.) Infrared goggles. (Not night vision heat vision.) For spotting players. I mean there is a lot to play with here too.


7. More attachments for weapons and a bit less restrictions on weapon attachments. For example people hunt with 44. magnums so why can't we put something higher than a 2x on it? Can we get night vision scopes? Grenade launchers? Underbarrel flame throwers? Flash hiders? Compensators? Bayonets? I mean there is a lot to play with.


8. More ammo types, Currently we have regular, Armor piercing, Hollow point, slug, Breaching slug, iron arrow, Steel arrow, Flaming arrow, Iron bolt, Steel bolt, Explosive bolt, Flaming bolt. Thats really nice but can we get some more? Like explosive shotgun rounds? Phosphorous rounds? multiple types of poison arrows?


9. More traps! We currently have landmines, and with the 1 perk from the urban combat magazine they are useless! Paired with infiltrator even pitfalls suck against players. They aren't viable for base defence beyond zombies. Can we get Tripwire claymores? Laser claymores? Bear traps? Poison dart traps? I.E.Ds? Zombie spawning traps? (Yeah i wanna weaponize zombies more than they already can be why not?) Electrified doors, Explosive fake Containers? I mean if i were actually dropped in this game id be an ass about my stuff if someone tried to steal from me they would get blown up cuz i'd rig the ♥♥♥♥.


10. More zombie variations, Take some inspiration from some other zombie games. I mean theres a lot out there. You've already got a mutated variation (Screamer) They act differently than others calling other zombies to their aid. Whos to say they don't get weirder than that ♥♥♥♥? Or people who weaponized them and they got loose? I mean you've got the demo already... So your already starting that road? Lets get some iron clad zombies, Mutated freaks of nature and lots of other fun stuff.


11. More grenades. Yeah we have dynamite, regular grenades, and impact. Lets get some smoke, Gas grenades and some other fun things to cause some havoc. I'd love a phosphorous grenade.


Thats a bit more than a few but hey lots of food for thought.

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