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TFP Bling on Amazon.ca Not Available.


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Well I am a proud owner of a counterfeit t-shirt since I cannot get one from TFP's.


I saw that Hated posted about the black friday sale and I did not see any discount on the t-shirt, but since it's on the US site and not the CA site, the t-shirt is not available to purchase, unless I buy via the us site which I haven't done in 10+ years.


For the record its not that hard to get listed on amazon sites outside the US, but you have chosen not to?

Do you guys want to sell outside of the US, or are you ok with us buying Chinese counterfeits? My last shirt was free so the price was right :)


BTW I'd love to get a mug too...


As you can see I have a lot of options, but not one is TFP's official.



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